Google: We Rarely Show Sitelinks Search Box, Even When Markup is Used

Google: We Rarely Show Sitelinks Search Box, Even When Markup is Used

Google’s John Mueller recently stated that a sitelinks search box is rarely shown for sites in search results.

How to Ask Google to Recrawl URLs of Your WordPress Site

We’ve been asked by multiple users about specific URLs on their site not appearing in Google’s search results. If your site is now then Google can take some time before they crawl and display the new page or changed to the page in the search results. In this video, we will show you how to ask Google to recrawl URLs of your WordPress site.

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Add site to Google Search Console:

Yoast Installation:

Start by ensuring your site is on Google Search Console, once your site is added you can request Google crawl the specific property. With your site a part of Google Search Console you will want to select the site in your search console and add the problem URL in the search field. Goole will bring up the information it has on that specific URL and gives you the option to crawl or recrawl depending on what it knows.

If you’re worried about your site being indexed you can add your sitemap to Google to help ensure all of your posts are added. Install and activate an SEO plugin, for this we recommend Yoast and once you install and activate the plugin an SEO section should be added to your admin area. Under SEO, General, scroll down to XML sitemaps and click the question mark. The area should expand to allow you to get the URL for your sitemap you can submit to Google Search Console.

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Google Ads Sitelink Extensions – Examples & Best Practices (2023)

In this video I explain what Google Ads sitelink extensions are…

Why it’s important to add sitelink extensions to your Google Ads…

And how to get the best results when using Google Ad sitelink extensions.

I also give you a number of Google Ads sitelink extensions examples that you can model from.

And I share sitelink extension best practices as well.

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0:00 Intro
0:13 What are Google Ads sitelink extensions?
0:40 Why are sitelink extensions important?
1:30 How to create Google Ads sitelink extensions
6:32 Google Ads sitelink extensions best practices
10:12 How to assess sitelink extension performance
11:24 Create better Google ads


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“Sitelinks Searchbox” How to Enable This Schema on your Blog/Site

In This Video, I’m Going to Show you how you can Enable Sitelinks Searchbox on Your Website or Blogs with the help of Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin in Hindi.

Install Yoast SEO Plugin
Google Tool for Rich result

What is Sitelinks Searchbox?

Google Search can expose a search box scoped to your website when it appears as a search result. This search box is powered by Google Search. However, if you wish to power this search box with your own search engine, or if you want search results also to include an associated mobile app, you can do so using structured data embedded on your website.

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Sitelink Search Box Show for Your Website in Google

Sitelink Search Box : in this tutorial will see how can show sitelink Search Box for your website in Google and everything need to know about and do a test in structured data testing tool before check if already added by any seo plugins in WordPress site.

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