ICANN Blocks Sale of .Org Domain Registry

ICANN Blocks Sale of .Org Domain Registry

ICANN blocked the sale of the dot org domain registry to a private equity group.

How To Start A Domain Registration Business *Domain Name Flipping*

How To Start A Domain Registration Business *Domain Name Flipping*

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create your own domain name service?

I’m not talking about buying a domain name for your brand or store, I’m talking about creating you own .xyz that you can sell to others!

That’s what we look at in today’s video. The process, the costs involved, and the lucrative business of domain name flipping!

Simply put, a domain registration business manages internet domain names – these are you .coms and .shops
With the popularity of services like Wix and Squarespace this business is going to grow, fast!
Companies will first need to become accredited, which they can do through ICANN.
So this is how to start a Domain registration business. Always do market research and read relevant information to get success in this business.

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Is ICANN Threatened By Blockchain Domains?

NamesCon Global 2022 Sep 2

Big Inflation Coming to YOUR Domains?

Verisign is raising the price of .com domains yet again. Other TLDs are inflating in price as well. What can you do to protect yourself against these constant price increases?

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0:00 – The Pending .COM Price Increase
0:50 – How Is Domain Pricing Determined?
2:51 – The Thing That Changed Domain Pricing For Good
4:19 – Verisign’s Price Inflation
5:29 – Are Other TLDs Price Regulated?
6:56 – ICANN’s Stance on Price Regulation
9:02 – No, Verisign Doesn’t Need More Money
9:57 – How Can You Save Money on Domains?
10:13 – Domain Renewal Strategies
11:03 – Looking at to NFT Domains
12:16 – The 2 Step Strategy to Save Money

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Can you register with ICANN directly?

Icann Domain Name

00:19 – Can you register with ICANN directly?
00:38 – Can I buy a domain without a registrar?
01:03 – Where is the cheapest place to buy a domain name?