SEO Humor: Google’s John Mueller Shares Bad SEO Advice

SEO Humor: Google’s John Mueller Shares Bad SEO Advice

Google’s John Mueller shared some intentionally bad SEO advice in a lighthearted response to a satirical Reddit thread.

7 SEO Tips By John Mueller Of Google On The Top SEO Myths

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SEO lightning round

In this lightning episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller answers questions such as:

Can a self referential canonical override an existing canonical or preferred page? (submitted by @adityaskrishnan) (0:04)

Will putting the date and month in URLS affect my Google ranking?
(submitted by @VaranasiBlogger) (0:22)

I heard that using CDNs to deliver images might be a problem for Google Search since it’s not on my server and Google doesn’t support image canonicalization.
(submitted by @loujay60606) (0:38)

What is the best way to appear in Search if you have a global audience to target with a single domain?
(submitted by @rahulsetia007) (0:57)

Is it such a bad thing to leave the Google Webmasters verification file out of sitemap.xml?
(submitted by @RMWPublishing) (1:20)

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